Flat BuildingFeature-6
Demolition worker on a break

The world works with fear. The sky falling down, cold war and now terrorism. In the incompetently governed Chinese Territory Hong Kong, none of these common fears matter, because Hong Kong has its own unique fear (one country, two systems, after all): property. One must have it. One must be on the property ladder. Whoever the city is governed by, it is run by property tycoons and their families. A (Hong Kong) Dollar spend in Starbucks coffee, 7-11 convenience stores, supermarkets, airlines, petrol and everything else is a (Hong Kong) Dollar in the tycoons pockets. However, the highest coffee and petrol prices in the world are pocket money to the real deal: property. Property makes this place go round and the tycoons happy. The repetition and poor imagination of design is amazing…

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