Small fish / high density

Just when one thought that Hong Kong’s Chief Executive could not ridicule and alienate himself any further he proposes that we all should go for a swim and some fishing during lunch hours.
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Say what?
People who work in central (only those, apparently) are, in their lunch hour, to hop into the harbor (at designated zones only, naturally) and / or do some fishing.
Someone in government seriously busies himself with thinking up ludicrous ideas like this, but not ludicrous enough to not be promoted by the Chief Executive. When is the last time someone from government looked at the harbor to realize that it is anything but fit for swimming. Incidentally, it is also used by ships quite frequently.
Of course one might assume that this is a brilliant scheme from the government to divert attention from issues that matter, such as mainland Chinese officials kidnapping Hong Kong citizens (click here), useless and unusable monstrosities like the Hong Kong to Zuhai bridge, property prices and unaffordable housing, unaffordable school fees, ridicule over TV licenses, … But that’s doubtful. Hong Kong’s official stupidity is genuine.
Hong Kong is governed by China and the one country, two systems system should call it a day, and Mr. Leung seems to occupy himself appropriately.

Incidentally however, fishing is a very popular past time in Hong Kong, designated zones or not (not). There is no fishing in central though. The harbor is somewhat not accessible. In fact, Hong Kong’s greatest asset is mostly inaccessible. Even in the new Tamar park in Admiralty, a large portion of harbor front is fenced of for the PLA despite the government’s promise of uninterrupted harbor access. With some exceptions in Quarry Bay and a tiny stretch in Sheung Wan, harbor frontage is given to elevated highways, lorry parking, wholesale markets, more elevated highways, a refuse collection point in Kennedy town and the Hong Kong exhibition centre in the middle.

In any case, the fishing population of Hong Kong is not to be found amongst the lunch going crowd in Central.

Designated fishing zone
Accessible harbor amid discarded fish containers
Triple chance fishing
Accessible harbor under the Tsing Ma bridge
Fishing at main shipping channel
Tsing Yi water front
Harbor promenade Hong Kong style
Designated fishing zone underneath elevated highway
Pile cap designated fishing zone
Accessible harbor, fishing through a fence
Catch from Victoria harbor
Fishing with ICC in the background
Fishing at Tsim Tsa Tsui waterfront
Fishing on Lamma Island
Tamar park waterfront



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