Pig with a crown

Every once in a while my humble (read rubbish) ferry pier crowns itself with the brands of luxury, like stuffing an apple into a roasted pig’s mouth at a banquet.

This time the apple is Dior.

As the apple is of no nutritious joy to the pig so is the Dior contraption of no benefit to the ferry using population. Dior looks pretty, the ferry doesn’t.

Not a problem, since the brand inclined bunch is as ignorant as the roasted pig with its cherry tomato eyes.

This is unfortunate. Otherwise they would see that the humble (rubbish) ferry terminal with its glitz (rubbish, of a different kind) on the roof is symbolic of Hong Kong. It’s a pig of a city crowned by riches (tycoons) on the peak.

Hong Kong is a gigantic playground for tycoons. Hong Kong is owned by tycoons.

Timely coincidence has this article in one of the (too many) free news papers:

Beijing warned of HK tycoon exodus

(The standard, page 6 top news, 12.09.2013, by ‘staff reporter’)

The (unnamed) staff reporter ‘is warning that more tycoons will desert Hong Kong if Beijing does not act quickly to end what he (a veteran commentator, again somebody without a name) calls the SAR’s misery. […] (The veteran commentator) also accuses unnamed (certainly a soft spot for un-naming) parties of inciting hatred against the rich and said it was not surprising that some tycoons are getting fed up with the situation. […] Some people (unnamed, of course) had gone out of their way to fan hatred against the rich and the business community since the handover, he said (the unnamed), upsetting social stability to the point of inciting conflicts among ethnic groups and “Cultural revolution-style class struggle”.

Revolution is around the corner. However, as long as the ferry population does not loot Dior to demand that HKKF get their rubbish ferries into proper shape there is little fear that a mobile phone yielding mob (with screen saver depicting burning torches in lieu of real candles for health and safety concerns) will patiently queue for number 15 bus to take to the peak.

Interestingly revolution is not the (unnamed) commentators concern, the exodus of tycoons (relative to Hong Kong since they certainly will reappear somewhere else) is. Hence tycoons are endangered species much like rhinoceroses. If god would have given Chinese men bigger penises the rhinoceroses would be doing OK. If Beijing would tell the pig people to be more harmonious the tycoons would be doing OK.

The poor tycoons. Crybabies. So, where to go? Communist China, which legitimates itself on Mao and the Cultural Revolution (in theory at least not the typical tycoon’s cup of tea)? Perhaps pay (adequate) taxes for a change?

Of course the message is this: shut up. Beijing says. But underlining this with the threat that tycoons might go extinct (relative to Hong Kong) is bizarre. As bizarre as Dior on top of a rubbish ferry pier.

Real rubbish

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